Atif Aslam

June 20, 2007

Download Atif Aslam – Doorie Amazing Album containing all the hits songs by Atif Aslam

Download from Pakistani Best MP3 Site.

June 14, 2007

Download Pakistani Songs from a Site that offer 10,000 Mp3 Songs to download for Free we are promoting Underground unsigned artists to make mark in the Pakistani Music Industry.

Sami Yusuf MP3 Songs

June 2, 2007

Download Sami Yusuf Mp3 Music Songs from A great artist sing the worlds best Naats. And i love to feature this artist on my blog. Great Singer/artist Sami Yusuf

Pakistani Songs

May 24, 2007

Why Pakistani Songs from is getting so popular. I have seen interview in leading Pakistani news paper and site is work to promote underground bands aswell. World Music is Looking at Pakistani Songs with a different angle now. Thanks to the efforts put by the site:

Himesh Reshammiya is a talented person i have seen in Indian Music industry. His songs are very energatic and make people dance. His album Tera Suroor is a big hit and people are crazy to listen Himesh Reshammiya songs.

Abrar-ul-Haq is one of the best singers of Pakistani Music. The Pop singer is back with his new album you can download Naara Sada Ishq Aye by Abrar-ul-Haq from

Natasha Sapno Mein

February 28, 2007

Awesome Video by Jawad Bashir and beautiful Song and Dance by Natasha. she is just amazing i have never seen some one like her Pakistani Music Industy. 

Watch Natasha Sapno Mein On YouTube:

Natasha Pakistani Singer

February 5, 2007

Natasha the latest Pakistani Singer have immense talent her voice is charming and beautiful. You can download her Songs and can see her pictures from her Offical website:

Her offical orkut community is:

She is one of the best singer in 2006 Pakistani Music indutry ever produced. Listen to her songs she really makes you dance. Natasha’s two singals are out Bao Jee and Sapno mein she is nominated as the best female singer 2006 by HUM TV. Natasha will be the next POP Diva of Pakistan.

Pakistani Music

November 4, 2006

Pakistani Music

Each band and artists have website now and some music pop sites promoting them as-well. You can listen to their songs and if worthy enough you go and purchase the CD of that artist or band. Sites like Pakimp3 who is promoting Pakistani Music a lot looks to me the best free source you don’t have to register just click and download the songs. The navigation is quite simple you never find yourself lost on the site. Along with Pakistani music artist the site also promoting some UK based artists with some Punjabi music that is catching the masses as-well.

So when ever you want to listen to some cool music log on to the best Pakistani Music site with less effort and fast access you have your favorite Pakistan song in mp3 format. What else you need.

Download Pakistani Mp3 Songs
Pakistani Music Artists
Pakistani Songs

Pakistani Music Forums

November 4, 2006

Download Pakistani MP3 Music and Songs from Pakistan’s Largest Website of MP3 music for free. A Place where you can share your Music. Logon Now at Pakistani Music Site.

 Pakistani Songs


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